Congrats to Health Hut!
Outstanding Prevention Program 2012 from the BACCHUS Network!


Where to Find the Hut

Quad 9a-5p & URec 5-9p

Lloyd Hall 9a-5p & URec 5p-9p

Ferg Plaza 9a-5p

B.B. Comer 9a-5p

Lloyd Hall 9a-3p

  • Bullying


  • Body Image & Eating Disorders

    Body Image & Eating Disorders

  • Cold & Flu

    Cold & Flu

  • DUI, Alcohol & Other Drugs

    DUI, Alcohol & Other Drugs

  • Financial Health

    Financial Health

  • Healthy Relationships

    Healthy Relationships

  • Hygiene


  • Nutrition


  • Physical Fitness

    Physical Fitness

  • Sexual Health

    Sexual Health

  • Sleep


  • Smoking & Tobacco

    Smoking & Tobacco

  • Stress, Mental Health & Wellness

    Stress, Mental Health & Wellness

  • Spring Break Safety

    Spring Break Safety

Health Hut Topics

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Meet the University of Alabama’s Health Hut!

The Health Hut was brought to the University of Alabama in Spring 2011 from the University of Florida based on their evidence-based program “Gatorwell“.   It was adapted and 10 student volunteers were selected to serve as peer health educators.  In it’s first semester on campus, the hut was out for 39 days and had approximately 1,700 visitors.

In Fall 2011, Jessica Vickery, MPH, CHES came to campus and began serving as the advisor to the HEalth Hut.  That Fall, the staff expanded to 19 students and was changed from a volunteer-based model to a internship-model.  Due to the increased number of students on staff, the hut was able to be on campus for 56 days and have over 2,600 visits, averaging to 47 visits per day that the hut was opened.  The Hut also went viral in Fall 2011 joining Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to increase student awareness of the hut and the opportunities it has for them! 

Due to the success of the hut during it’s first two semesters and the large number of enthusiastic and qualified applicants for the Spring 2012 semester, the Hut expanded its hours from 28 hours per week to 46 hours per week and had 34 Health Hut Interns who are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of UA students through fun and interactive games.  In Spring 2012, the hut was visited more than 6,500 times and over 6,000 buttons were given away over the course of 518 hours and 57 days!   The Hut also made huge strides in merging with UA’s Project Health Peer Health Educators student organization in Spring 2012 participating in a variety of activities all over campus.  In Spring 2012 project Health, Health Hut, & GAMMA received the Outstanding Affiliate Award from the BACCHUS Area 8 Regional Meeting and the Most Outstanding Student Organization from The Source, the Health Hut was also honored by The Source as the Most Innovative Program for 2012.  

In Fall 2012, the Hut expanded to include 41 interns.  The Hut was visited 7,491 visits during this semester with approximately 36% of visitors being engaged in a game or activity, 29% being engaged in crucial conversations, and 62% receiving custom-made health materials.   Additionally, during the Fall semester, the Health Hut was awarded “Outstanding Prevention  Program” at the  BACCHUS Networks General Assembly in Orlando, Florida in November 2012. Following a successful Fall semester, the Hut was able to grow even further, without expanding the number of staff members.  In the Spring 2013 semester,  the Hut was visited over 12,000 times with 39% of its visitors being engaged in activities or games, 38% if visitirs being engaged in crucial conversations and 75% of visitors receiving custom made handouts.  Additionally in Spring 2012,  Project Health was awarded the Outstanding Affiliate Award, Outstanding Alumni Award (for Graduate Assistant, Kristy Sillay), Outstanding Student Award (for Health Hut Intern & Vice President of Programs, Sarah Chaffee), and Outstanding Advisor Award (for advisor, Jessica Vickery) at the BACCHUS Area 8 Regional Meeting.

The Hut will continue to grow with the Health Ambassadors to increase it’s impact on the University of Alabama Campus with 43 interns in the Fall 2013 semester.